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Just download the file and run it. By default it's configured in capture mode.

Configuration is automatically saved in <users>\<username>\AppData\Roaming\TraceSpy (Windows 7), in a file called Settings.config.

The "colorizers" feature works by defining:
  • Colorizers: a colorizer is regular expression with named groups (see .NET documentation on this, for example
  • ColorSets: a colorset has a name and associates this name with a font, a foreground color, a background color, and a background 'mode'. The mode defines if the background color is used as a fill color (fill mode) or as a frame color, with a frame width.

ColorSets are not tied to colorizers, but colorizers use the Regex group name as the ColorSet name.

For example, the following colorizer regex expression:


will define a key group and a value group. If any of the traced lines matches this expression, the colorizer engine will try to find two ColorSets named 'key' and 'value' and will use their definition to render the traced line.
So, if you define a ColorSet named 'key' with a 'Blue' foreground color, and a ColorSet named 'value' with a 'Red' foreground color, and a 'WhiteSmoke' background color, like this:


, you will display colored key/value traces like this, without changing anything to the traced program:


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